Tuan Anh Le

analysis-by-synthesis by learning to invert generative black boxes, wip

19 April 2017

notes on (Nair, Susskind, & Hinton, 2008).

understanding: 5/10
code: ?



goal: approximate posterior . (not exactly posterior since they have no defined prior).


  1. pick from training data set.
  2. run it through the recognition and perturb to obtain .
  3. obtain from black box generator.
  4. perform supervised learning on :
    1. get from recognition network.
    2. calculate loss between and .
    3. take gradient step.


  1. Nair, V., Susskind, J., & Hinton, G. E. (2008). Analysis-bySynthesis by Learning to Invert Generative Black Boxes.
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